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Great Shakes Dog Training is founded on positive and safe learning principles. We are based in Gig Harbor Washington and provide services in your home or our studio. Our intention is not only to teach behavior but to build a lasting relationship between you and your dog.

Here’s what my clients say:

“We did three or four sessions with Heidi, with fantastic results! Nalla now never nips and is a happy gentle dog that is obedient! I don’t know what we would have done without Heidi’s help. If you are looking for a caring trainer, she’s the best!”

Sarah Davis

“Heidi, I am so grateful for your expertise in dog training.  It really amazes me how little time it took to begin changing Copper’s unwanted behaviors.”

Lisa Roddy

“I heard about Heidi and Great Shakes Training from our veterinarian.  When a highly respected vet makes a recommendation, I listen.  And I will say, I haven’t looked back since the day we met.”

Stacey Anderson

“Heidi’s name was given to me by a friend with three obedient Heidi-trained dogs.  With a year old puppy who was destined to be large and powerful, who was high energy and could not self-settle, I needed help. In five visits Heidi transformed my Jackson into a relaxed and willing pupil.”

Judy W

“Working with Heidi is a wonderful experience.  She is so patient.  She showed me how to be patient with Griffey and it was really exciting to see my patience pay off!”

Shelly Fulton

“Most dog owners have a checklist of required items for their new dog- dog treats, a collar, leash, etc. Heidi should be at the top of that list. I lined Heidi up before our puppy even came home, and she started working with us the first week he arrived. Best decision ever.”

Caroline Swope

Private training
  • With private training you have the trainer to yourself to work on a plan mutually agreed upon that addresses the needs you have for your puppy, adolescent or adult dog.  Heidi will demonstrate the training with your dog and then teach you how to use those skills.  You will be given training plans, like recipes, to follow each week so you know just what to do.  She will provide relevant and up to date education to better help you understand your dog and how animals learn.
  • Once your session has concluded with Heidi  you’ll be reassured that you have access to her between sessions in the event there are any questions you may have.  She wants your experience to be a win for all.
  • Private training offers the opportunity to start puppies off right away.  It lets you begin smart and time-sensitive socialization, get the house training of to a good start, teach good behaviors right from the beginning and begin behavioral problem prevention.
  • Private training offers adolescent and adult dogs with customized training starting with what they know now, instead of repeating learning that they already have on board.
  • Private training targets specific behavior problems that have developed and need modification.
  • Private training in your home or at our facility is lower stress for you and your dog without the excitement, noise and chaos of group sessions.
Puppy Semi-Private Classes:
  • Two, maximum three puppies per class
  • Lower distraction than larger classes with early socialization and opportunities for emotional and behavioral stability exercises
  • Safer environment for young puppies
  • Puppies can start one week after first vaccination
  • A lovely marriage of private and class setting.  You get benefits of both
Pre-puppy consultation
  • For those families considering a puppy, is this the right time?
  • Rescue vs Breeder and how-to tips
  • Buyer beware!
  • Best odds of getting a puppy for your life style
  • Lowering risk of purchasing a puppy with genetic or behavioral health problems
  • Children in the home?  Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a puppy
  • In-home puppy proofing and management recommendations specific to your environment
  • What a puppy needs, what a puppy doesn’t need
  • Preparation and reading recommendations
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